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  1. A Room of her Own by Virginia Woolf
  2. Authority versus Freedom in Education by Bertrand Russell
  3. Dream Children by Charles Lamb
  4. Eastern and Western Ideals of Happiness
  5. In Praise of Chimney Sweepers by Charles Lamb
  6. Indians and Eskimos by Margaret Atwood
  7. Men Who Have Shaved Me by Stephen Leacock
  8. Nature the Monster by Margaret Atwood
  9. Of Friendship by Francis Bacon
  10. Of Marriage and Single Life by Francis Bacon
  11. Of Study by Francis Bacon
  12. Of the Liberty by John Stuart Mill
  13. Of Thought and Discussion by John Stuart Mill
  14. Of Truth by Francis Bacon
  15. Of Youth and Age by Francis Bacon
  16. Poor Relations by Charles Lamb
  17. Self-Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  18. That You Must Love Me and Love My Dog by Charles Lamb
  19. The Harm that Good Men Do by Bertrand Russell
  20. The Harms That Good Men Do by Bertrand Russell
  21. The Value of Skepticism by Bertrand Russell
  22. Work by John Ruskin